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Cyber Security Made Simple

IT security has become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure. At Gray Cyber Security, we know that the solution to complexity is not more complexity. We tackle security challenges with clarity and expertise, knowing that simple security is better security. Let us show you how Gray Cyber Security's solutions can improve and simplify your security.

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fractional ciso

Fractional CISO

Achieve Your Goals

Are you concerned about compliance requirements around cyber security? Are you unsure where to focus your security efforts and how to prioritize your security projects? Fractional CISO provides security professionals to solve your toughest security problems. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior-level team member that is responsible for establishing and maintaining an enterprise’s security vision, strategy, and programs to ensure information assets and technologies are appropriately protected. Fractional CISO can help you radically reduce your organizational risk by closing cyber security holes and helping to meet cyber security compliance needs.

Cyber Security Program Development & Compliance

Expert Guidance

For many modern businesses, cyber security is just a matter of “set it and forget it” technology. Whether on their own or with the help of general I.T. support provider, so many business owners and managers wrongly assume that a basic set of security technologies — firewall, antivirus, etc. — will be enough to keep them safe.
Gray Cyber Secuirty knows better. As security experts that focus on the cyber security industry, we know that achieving reliable cyber security takes more than one-time attention. To keep businesses like yours safe, we provide ongoing support that follows our proven Cyber Security Framework.

cyber security framework
cyber security training

Cyber Security Training

Expert Trainers and Programs

Cyber security tools — such as “set it and forget it” firewalls and antivirus software — fail to account for how important the user is. Even the most effective digital security measures can be negated by simple human error, which is why conventional solutions are simply not enough to ensure your business’ safety. Much of cyber security is dependent on the user, and as such it’s vital that you properly educate your employees in safe conduct. The more your workforce knows about the security measures you have in place, the more confidently they can use the technology is a secure manner.

Managed Security Services

Grow Your Business

The foundation of cyber security isn’t just built on the most current security technologies; you need the right expertise on your side as well. Gray Cyber Security isn’t here to replace your current I.T. vendor; we want to specifically manage your cyber security needs on an ongoing basis. With us as your reliable and knowledgeable partner in cyber security, you can ensure that your technology, practices, and procedures are up to date and prepared for a range of modern digital threats.

managed security services
ransomware protection

Ransomware Protection

Protect Your Assets

Data loss is often the result of poor digital security; without the right defenses, cyber criminals can easily infect a business’ technology with ransomware or other types of malware to compromise company data. Most security vendors and Managed Service Providers will tell you that the right anti-malware solution is all you need to protect against modern ransomware threats, but this simply isn’t true. Stop ransomware with Gray Cyber Security recommended  devices with deep learning and best-in-class anti-exploit technology, CryptoGuard anti-ransomware capabilities, root cause analysis, and more to give you the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint protection.

Mobility - Smart Phones, Pads and Devices 

Expert Guidance

Mobile devices in the workplace continue to see explosive growth as they open new avenues of business profitability and improved productivity. The rise of BYOD culture is creating a very thin line separating the personal and professional worlds of your users. This has led to new threat vectors that target mobile devices and an organization’s mobility ecosystem to gain unauthorized access to organizational networks. Gray Cyber Security's solutions help you with your enterprise mobility challenges by securing your corporate emails, content, and apps. With Gray Cyber Security, you get a secure environment where data is safely and easily accessible from anywhere for your on-the-go users.

mobile security
cloud security

Cloud Security

Seamless Protection

Cloud computing provides an easy way to provision and deploy IT infrastructure such as networks, compute capacity, storage, and databases. Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure have become increasingly popular and help you extend your existing infrastructure, scale as needed without guessing at capacity, and deploy applications and workloads anywhere in minutes. While AWS and Microsoft Azure manage the security of their respective clouds, you are responsible for the security of your applications and data in those clouds.

Insider Threat Security

Protection From Users

Your own users can put organizational security at risk with little effort. Beyond unintentional damage users can cause, insider attacks – such as rogue employees, former employees who still have access to your system, malicious contractors, and other bad actors – are capable of doing even more damage. They’re often more difficult to prevent and detect than attacks originating outside your organization. Research states that a third of all organizations still have no capability to prevent or deter an insider attack. Gray Cyber Security helps you quickly identify the weak spots in your organization by giving you complete insight in your users’ activities. This way, you can educate innocent users to prevent putting your organization at risk, or modify network policies to stop malicious attacks from within the organization, dramatically reducing risk and improving security confidence across your organization.

insider threat security
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